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Re: Choke Operation

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Subject: Re: Choke Operation
From: David Woerpel <>
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2002 23:52:00 -0500
If I may, a suggestion.  I have had a choke cable slide out of it's 
clamp at the carb end, yes I know - I didn't put enough of a bend in the 
cable, but someone passed on the advice to depress the throttle pedal 
first then pull out the choke cable.  Then start the car.  This relieves 
some of the resistance on the cable due to the throttle return spring.
59 MGA 1500
59 :{)

Telewest (PH) wrote:

>*If* you have an SU pump - one that clicks until the system is up to
>pressure then only clicks occasionally as fuel is used - then it is easy to
>tell whether you are out of fuel or not.  When you are (out of fuel) the
>pump chatters constantly instead of occasionally.  For some aftermarket
>pumps that make a noise all the time this method will not work.
>For the choke you have to learn what is best for your car.  For SUs you
>start with all feet off the pedals, maximum choke, crank it, then
>immediately reduce the choke to the minimum level it will run with,
>gradually reducing it still further as it warms up.
>A Weber has an accellerator pump so pumping the pedal may enrichen enough
>for starting but may also flood it.  I have used the same approach on these
>as for SUs.
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>>So, please, help an ignorant brother out, how the heck am I supposed to
>>work the choke?
>>Oh, and I'm now fairly confident that the reason it wont run is that it
>>be out of gas :) a non functioning gas gauge makes it hard to be sure.

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