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Re: Choke Operation

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Subject: Re: Choke Operation
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Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2002 10:00:08 -0000
The throttle and choke cables, spindles and springs are entirely
independant, on a twin SU MGB at least.  And you shouldn't have to put a
bend in the inner to keep it secure, many have stranded inners anyway.

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Subject: Re: Choke Operation

> If I may, a suggestion.  I have had a choke cable slide out of it's
> clamp at the carb end, yes I know - I didn't put enough of a bend in the
> cable, but someone passed on the advice to depress the throttle pedal
> first then pull out the choke cable.  Then start the car.  This relieves
> some of the resistance on the cable due to the throttle return spring.

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