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Re: Choke Operation

To: "Telewest (PH)" <>
Subject: Re: Choke Operation
From: Charles & Peggy Robinson <>
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2002 07:58:21 -0600
 The below statement is not _entirely true because when the "choke" knob
is pulled out the fast-idle cams open the throttle butterflies slightly,
meaning the cable is pulling against _two_ sets of springs plus the
large center spring. Lotsa springs in there in  there, eh?  

  One thing I noticed in the twinf HS SU choke linksge: it's important
to set the lever that the cable is attached to for best mechanical
advantage.  One loosens the clamp screw on the lever in order to rotate
the lever on the shaft that connects the csrb linkages together.  It's a
tradeoff between full travel of the linkages snd pull effort on the
knob.  IOW, ya ya set the lever, tighten the clamp and pull the knob to
see how it work, compared to how hard it is to pull the knob out.  



"Telewest (PH)" wrote:
> The throttle and choke cables, spindles and springs are entirely
> independant, on a twin SU MGB at least.  And you shouldn't have to put a
> bend in the inner to keep it secure, many have stranded inners anyway.

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