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Re: DIN Radio Instllation

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Subject: Re: DIN Radio Instllation
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Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2002 10:03:17 -0000
I think the radio moved from the dash to the console for the 72 year, and
because of the lower position and angle it shouldn't be anywhere near the
demister tubes, elbows or no.

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Subject: DIN Radio Instllation

> When I installed a DIN sized radio in my 69 C, I removed the hoses that go
> to the demisters to make room for the added depth of the radio. I'll be
> installing the same size radio in my 72 BGT which has a different console.
> Will I have the same type of problem. The catalogs show an elbow on each
> duct. Will that give me enough room? I don't want to remove the ducts on
> this car.

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