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My GT is gassing me

Subject: My GT is gassing me
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2002 10:33:36 EST

I've worked this problem for months, and now I'm out of ideas, so I turn to 
the knowledgeable list for help.
When I drive my GT,  fumes are getting into the cockpit that make our eyes 
water and, after a while, causes headaches.  Problem is, we can't smell 
anything to identify the source, so I'm working all angles.
Used to be there was a gas odor, which I think I solved with new seal and 
rubber at the tank/spout juncture, including the seal into the gas tank.  And 
I attacked the vapor canister in the back, greasing, tightening and covering 
all the junctions with duct tape.  I went over the vapor canister under the 
hood, renewed all the hoses there, made sure the bottom hose ended below the 
engine, got new charcoal for the filter, etc.  I went back over the exhaust 
system, tightening the nuts on the exhaust manifold studs, and re-installing 
the clamps on the exhaust system, making sure the joins were fully 
overlapped.  There never was the sound of an exhaust leak, though.  I have 
tried to seal all openings between the engine compartment and the cockpit.  
The body and floors are sound--no holes.
So I'm stumped.  This is a real drag 'cause the car runs like a rabbit, and 
the interior is now complete and looking fine, yet driving it is a pain, 
literally.  Any good ideas?  Any bad ideas?

Jay Donoghue
66 Mustang

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