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Re: My GT is gassing me

Subject: Re: My GT is gassing me
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2002 11:29:41 EST
In a message dated 11/5/02 11:16:13 AM, AGreenberg writes:

<< Problem is, we can't smell 

> anything to identify the source

That's an interesting point.  If it were CO I would think that you would also 
smell exhaust.   Did you use any solvents or sealants that might be 
out-gassing?  RTV around the heating vents or windows? >>

The lack of smell is what made me suspect the vapor canister in front, 
thinking the charcoal may have sucked the odor out of it, but left the CO.  I 
have no new sealants of any great amount.  The door and window seals pretty 
much all pinch on.  Used spray adhesive on the re-carpeting job, but that was 
18 months ago.  Can't imagine it would still be out-gassing, but if it is I'm 
screwed 'cause I ain't ripping that stuff out again.



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