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The last good day?

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Subject: The last good day?
From: Kevin Shertz <>
Date: Sat, 09 Nov 2002 18:31:12 -0500
Well, weather here in DC climbed into the upper 60's today, so I was able to
take the hardtop off and do a nice cruise along the Potomac River in DC,
Virginia, and Maryland.

Didn't see any other LBC's on the road, but saw several Miatas and BMWs with
the same idea.

This pretty day in November -- especially after the cold and rain as of late
-- was definitely savored as if it  was the last top-down motoring of the
season.  Ah, life's little pleasures... Hope anyone in the Mid-Atlantic
region had the same good fortune as I did!

Kevin Shertz
'80 MGB

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