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Re: Head replacement - cleaning the block

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Subject: Re: Head replacement - cleaning the block
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Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2002 17:42:49 -0600
I usually get a pack of rasor blades, and get a good pair of vice grips,
lock the blade into the vicegrips. Remove all the studs from the block. and
scrape away from myself. Wear some safety glasses and put some paper towels
into the cylinders to catch the remnants. This job takes a little patience.
What did it run yu to have the head redone?

 Hope it helps, Your probably finished by now.

 Steve D
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Subject: Head replacement - cleaning the block

> My head came back from the machine shop, so I'm ready to reconnect it and
try the car again.  When I took the head off, I put a light coating of oil
on the block and pistons so they wouldn't rust while the head was out.  I
had scraped the block with a chisel to remove the old gasket material, but
there's a little bit that was stubborn still there.  There's also some
carbon on top of the pistons and a small ring of carbon (I think) at the top
of the cylinders.
> How should I clean everything before replacing the head?
> Also, should I use anti-seize on the head studs?  Anything else I should
do that isn't in the manual?
> Thanks.
> --Steve (1980 MGB)

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