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Re: Muchos Gracias

To: David Breneman <>
Subject: Re: Muchos Gracias
From: Paul Root <>
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 12:13:20 -0600
Do you all know the Rush song Red Barchetta (I bet I spelled that 
wrong), anyway, it's based on a short story about a future were the
government basically did that.

The car in the story however is an MGB, and he's getting chased
by a couple of idiots who's idea of a good time is to run there
monster machines into anything, especially old cars.

It's a pretty good story. The rush song has totalitarian overtones
that aren't in the story. It's just government ineptitude pushed
to it's illogical conclusion.

It's online somewhere.

David Breneman wrote:
> Eric SEZ -
>>Not wanting to get overly political (and especially as the United States
>>is Australia's second biggest market for vehicle exports at $605 million
>>annually - and increasing :-) you also need to look at your trade
>>protection policies.  
>>"Free trade" is an interesting term when seen from outside of America :-)
>>Ooops, that is politics - next I will talk about religion and prove I
>>know how to behave in polite company!
> Don't worry Eric, any US citizen who finds our motor vehicle 
> laws acceptible just isn't paying attention.  The NHTSA won't
> be happy until all an American car is good for is crashing into
> a brick wall at 100 MPG.

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