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Re: welding question

To: David Councill <>,
Subject: Re: welding question
Date: Sun, 17 Nov 2002 13:35:45 -0500

I am doing just fine with a 105$ special fron harbour freight....
BUT the duty cycle is just 20% on high. this is the time of
a period that you actually weld before it needs to cool down.

Actually this is not too bad for sheet metal. it takes time to set up
and you don't want to continious weld. it can warp the metal if 
you use flux core metal

 If you go the extra step (read cost) and get a gas
shield machine, your welds will be much nicer and cooled by the gas.....

I would also talk to the local welding shop. You may find a good used
machine for teh duty cycle you want at not much more....

Luck with it

11/17/02 1:19:06 PM, David Councill <> wrote:

>I recall in previous posts that the MIG welder was the welder of choice for 
>restoring the MGB  body (rockers, floor panels). I don't know much about 
>welding and have been meaning to learn. But I did the second best thing - I 
>have my son learning welding at his vocational high school. Or I should say 
>he was learning until the teachers went on strike about a week and a half 
>ago. To make matters worse, his 65B is at school, which is closed and 
>locked up, so we cannot get to it.
>But I digress here. I was looking at a couple of MIG welders at Sears and 
>wondered what should one look for when buying a welder? Ideally, I'd like 
>to buy a welder for home use sometime in the near future. Then my son and I 
>could restore his 65B rust bucket for starters (maybe take on another 
>project after that).
>Anyway, suggestions and tips would be welcome.
>David Councill
>67 BGT
>72 B


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