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RE: welding question

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Subject: RE: welding question
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Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 09:29:25 -0800

>From experience, I would suggest paying a bit extra and going with a name
brand, rather than department store.  Although Sears has been very good with
parts support, their tools may not use industry standard components.  My
suggestion is to get a welder that can be supported by your local welding
supply store.  They know that the home market is competitive, and usually
have good prices on entry level equipment from Lincoln etc.

I've been very satisfied with my Lincoln MIG welder after having lots of
frustration making pieces to keep an earlier Italian non-name brand unit

I highly recomend going with a reasonable size shielding gas tank, then
putting the whole lot on a wheeled trolley.  It doesn't take up much space,
and you will be stunned at how you lived without it.

BTW.  To really get anything done, you will need a torch set and a 4" angle
grinder.  The torch set again should be the smallest commercial tank set,
rather than the full size or mini tanks.  I use a B acetylene tank, and a
bigger oxygen (can't remember the size) as you use more oxygen than


> I recall in previous posts that the MIG welder was the welder 
> of choice for 
> restoring the MGB  body (rockers, floor panels). I don't know 
> much about 
> welding and have been meaning to learn. But I did the second 
> best thing - I 
> have my son learning welding at his vocational high school. 
> Or I should say 
> he was learning until the teachers went on strike about a 
> week and a half 
> ago. To make matters worse, his 65B is at school, which is closed and 
> locked up, so we cannot get to it.
> But I digress here. I was looking at a couple of MIG welders 
> at Sears and 
> wondered what should one look for when buying a welder? 
> Ideally, I'd like 
> to buy a welder for home use sometime in the near future. 
> Then my son and I 
> could restore his 65B rust bucket for starters (maybe take on another 
> project after that).
> Anyway, suggestions and tips would be welcome.
> David Councill
> 67 BGT
> 72 B

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