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Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 09:23:13 -0000
I've got a spare steel wheel MGB axle within 2 hrs of Cumbria.  Hand
luggage, perhaps?

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Subject: whoops

> Was out today having a great time in my A when something cut loose in the
> rear.  Driveshaft is turning but the car will not move, I think I may have
> busted an axle.  So.... I have been wanting to put an MGB ring and pinion
> into the car but now I guess I will replace the complete rear with a B
> Anyone have a spare steel wheel MGB rear assembly within 2 hours of
> Philadelphia PA they would want to dispose of???  Email with price,
> condition and location.  I will be travelling next week to the metropolis
> Wigton in the Cumbria region of the UK so I will reply when I get back.

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