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Re: Rev Limiters

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Subject: Re: Rev Limiters
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Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 14:19:47 -0500
>>>Your options are to use the original Lucas item, which was a special
with a sliding weight with springs. The faster it spins the further the
weight moves from the centre until it touches a grounding pin and cuts the
ignition. I've seen 6 cylinder bits set for 4500 rpm, and the commonest one
was the one that came stock in the Lotus Cortina - a 6500 rpm limit. You'd
have to adjust the weight to vary the limit. Problem is that the cost on
these is very high, and you might have a hard time finding one.
This would be the simplest "drop in" option.  I may try the Lotus crowd to
source it and will find out just how much it costs these days (if available
at all).

>>>A modern electronic limiter such as the MSD that I use in one of my race
would be as cheap and probably more efficient.
What kind of cars do you race?  If you run a B or another four-banger is MSD
compatability easy to figure out?

I have to ask why you'd want to bother, though. With a stock MGB, you hit
valve bounce usually around 6200 rpm (earlier with old springs), and that
flattens out the power without valves hitting anything, thus acting as a rev
I never knew that about the valve train, but then again I never tried to
blow up a motor just to see if it was possible either ;).

>>>  I can't imagine needing a rev limiter unless you are running a tuned
I am running one more or less stock motor and one highly tuned motor.  I had
considered the limiter for both, but perhaps I will only need it on the
latter, from what you have said.  Others have asked why I would possibly
want a rev limiter, in any case, but I would like very much to simply not
concern myself with the tach while autocrossing.  I've never bothered to
look down at the speedo during an event, and only rarely glance at the tach;
I've got bigger things to concentrate on - If I can only eliminate the
danger of over reving.  This is a pretty widely accepted advantage in
autocrossing for all cars.

Thanks, Bill, for your informative responses.

Cheers, Dean

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