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Re: Rev Limiters

Subject: Re: Rev Limiters
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 13:20:03 EST
Your options are to use the original Lucas item, which was a special rotor 
with a sliding weight with springs. The faster it spins the further the 
weight moves from the centre until it touches a grounding pin and cuts the 
ignition. I've seen 6 cylinder bits set for 4500 rpm, and the commonest one 
was the one that came stock in the Lotus Cortina - a 6500 rpm limit. You'd 
have to adjust the weight to vary the limit. Problem is that the cost on 
these is very high, and you might have a hard time finding one.

A modern electronic limiter such as the MSD that I use in one of my race cars 
would be as cheap and probably more efficient.

I have to ask why you'd want to bother, though. With a stock MGB, you hit 
valve bounce usually around 6200 rpm (earlier with old springs), and that 
flattens out the power without valves hitting anything, thus acting as a rev 

I can't imagine needing a rev limiter unless you are running a tuned engine, 
or a Twincam, which could easily be broken with right foot alone.  Floor a 
stock pushrod, it tops out and goes 'faugh'. Floor a Twincam, it goes 
'zing-bang', the latter being right after it exceeds the valve bounce rpm 
(about 7200 with stock springs) and the valves become friendly with the 


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