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Re: Rev Limiters

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Subject: Re: Rev Limiters
From: "Rick Lindsay" <>
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 13:45:05 -0600
> >    The BMW 2002tii uses this same mechanical technology.  It works
> > well and when you add up all the other costs, this option may well
> > the cheaper alternative.
> >
> These of course were for Bosch distributors and not usable in Lucas

   Exactly.  I was just ponting out that the technology is viable.

> The 'ground it out completely' school _is_ a bit hard on the
machinery - the
> fuel is in the cylinder and when it fires again it stresses the bottom
> So-called 'soft touch' limiters like MSD will kill one cylinder at a
time, so
> you do get firing every other cycle or so.

   This is the better approach and is designed for the driver who hits
the rev limiter regularly -- almost like a shift light.  The 2002tii
is to prevent engine damage only.
   For the tii, the distributor rotor is about $20.  The MSD unit is a
dollars more.   Intended use should dictate your course of action.


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