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Re: First winter, no garage

Subject: Re: First winter, no garage
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 22:11:42 EST
This thread is of intense interest to me.  I will be "housing" my 1972 MGB in 
the great-outdoors of either the uncovered parking lot of my apartment 
complex in Laurel, Maryland or the covered, concrete-leaching parking lot (it 
eats, with what appears to be acid rain, polycarbonate windows on my Jeep, 
and leaves concrete-leavin's stains on the roof of the company 4-runner) at 
work in Fairfax, Virginia.

What would work best under either condition?  I have agreed to park the MG in 
a drippy corner of the garage in case I go with option 2 (and park the Jeep 
at the church next door when I come to work in order to compensate for the 
crappy parking space I'd otherwise use).  I will provide photos of covered 
cars and company trucks and other lease-violating vehicles to my landlady 
(who is very nice in person but sends letters written by the 
Worst-Case-Landlord Kit at regular intervals) in the event I go with Option 

Whaddaya think?  An "instant garage" isn't an option in either case, and I am 
aware of condensation issues given a car cover (I hope to drive it enough to 
reduce the concern).  What would YOU do in this situation?

Oh, by the way, option 3 is to leave it in the concrete-floored, weathertight 
barn it sits in for now and go visit it and my friend, its current owner, 
once in a while.  Truth be told I'm leaning towards option 3, if my friend 
will put up with it.  We already have put a top and an oil cooler on and in 
it, respectively.  Fuel pump is next.   

...But it's THERE and not HERE.

-Wendell Hall
1972 MGB (soon)

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