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Re: First winter, no garage

Subject: Re: First winter, no garage
From: Bullwinkle <>
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 01:18:59 -0600
I've used one of those "instant garages" 20x24 ft. for a TD,
boat, and a twin cam chassis.  In windy and snow climates
they need a bit more work.  I originally placed 2x4 posts
under every other hoop.  This is possible as there is still
room to get a MG between them and the wall.  I have since
placed cross ties of ropes at every hoop and removed the
posts.  These are about 6 1/2 feet off the ground so you can
still walk under them.  I also added diagonal rope ties to
prevent racking.  I know the manufacturere "claims" the
shelter should flex, but I don't think they had 40 MPH winds
and 25 inch snows in mind.  


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