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Lost Generation

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Subject: Lost Generation
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Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 20:20:59 -0600

It was about three weeks ago I was dressed in an MG shirt,
checking out at the grocery store. It was born in on me that
the two,   late teenage boys at the check out counter had no
knowledge or experience of things MG. It is of course
possible that I was   blessed with a couple of dim-wits, but
I don't think so. Like many of you, the concern I have is
that there is a lost generation out there!

About ten years ago, before Jimmy Stewart passed away, I
stood in one of those interminable check lines.  While there
I was more or less talking to myself.  When my turn came,
the 18 year old clerk looked at me and asked, "Are you
talking to me?"

I replied, "No, I am talking to Harvey. ... Harvey the

She looked quizzically at me so I went on, "You the Jimmy
Stewart movie, 'Harvey.'  Seeing I wasn't making any
headway, "Jimmy Stewart the Oscar winner, 'Mr. Smith Goes to
Washington', 'The Rear Window', and 'It's a Wonderful

The young clerk shook her head and answered, "I never really
heard of him and I don't recognize the movies."


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