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Re: Lost Generation

Subject: Re: Lost Generation
From: Rick Brown <>
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 10:38:43 -0500
Drove into the supermarket parking lot in my GT once and as I was going into
the store a kid says to me:

"nice Porsche!"  :)


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> In a message dated 11/21/02 :
> << It was about three weeks ago I was dressed in an MG shirt,
> checking out at the grocery store. It was born in on me that
> the two,   late teenage boys at the check out counter had no
> knowledge or experience of things MG. It is of course
> possible that I was   blessed with a couple of dim-wits, but
> I don't think so. >>
> When I drive to work the parking lot attendants often ask what kind of car
> is.  When I say, "MG," the response usually is, "who makes it?"  When I
> repeat the answer they are supremely confused.
> Jay Donoghue
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