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RE: Lost Generation

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Subject: RE: Lost Generation
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A most amusing thing happens to me often when I go in for a part which I
know will happen to fit either of my pre-war MGs (J2 and PB). The
counter person will usually ask what car it's for. Just for grins, I'll
often tell them with a straight face "a 1932 MG J2". I just love to
watch the stupid expressions.

Lew Palmer

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The most frustrating thing for me is when someone at a parts counter
asks the "who makes it?" question.  Its happened a couple of times. (I
get that with the Corvair also, then they don't believe it's a Chevy)

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When I drive to work the parking lot attendants often ask what kind of
car it is.  When I say, "MG," the response usually is, "who makes it?"
When I repeat the answer they are supremely confused.

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