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Subject: Re: Lost Generation
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Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 11:00:18 -0600
'Ed' writes,

> The most frustrating thing for me is when someone at a parts counter
> asks the "who makes it?" question.  Its happened a couple of times. (I
> get that with the Corvair also, then they don't believe it's a Chevy)

   ...and when you say, "MG", they can't get rid of you fast enough!
I have only older cars ('30 Chevy, '79 Ferrari, '88 BMW M3, '66
BMW 1600-2, etc.) and face this frustration all the time.
   Ever notice how the computer on the parts counter is ALWAYS
wrong?  Or that if it even goes back far enough, it lists only ONE part
number <that you know is also wrong> for the whole 1962-1982, or
whatever, range!
   Around here we have PepBoys, O'Reillys, NAPA and AutoZone.
And even thought there is variation from store to store, here is my

O'Reilly's: Not too bad an inventory, but their computer database is
   useless for older cars and less than useless for older British cars.

NAPA: Good Chevy and Ford parts stores.

AutoZone: Probably the best around Tulsa.  Their database goes
   back much further than O'Reilly's but is often incorrect.  They do
   seem to stock paper catalogs and will use them for you (or let
   you do so) if they aren't too busy.

PepBoys: Totally useless source for neon, poo-poo pipes and other
   ricer crap.  No real car parts any more.

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