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Subject: RE: Peco from Re: Brit-tek
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Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 15:41:24 -0800
> I looked at the Peco exhaust and Brittek does a good job 
> pitching its ease 
> of installation and fit. Then I checked the archives because 
> I know the 
> peco has been mentioned many times. A few questions remain - 
> like, how easy 
> is the header to install? Or would it work just as well to 
> use my head pipe 
> and an adapter and exhaust manifold rather than their header? 
> That way, I 
> can still enjoy the excitement of those six flange bolts and 
> ponder whether 
> the exhaust gaskets go metal side up or down. If I don't go with the 
> header, I'm saving almost half the cost. Last time I ordered a header 
> (granted some generic brand), I sent it back because it was 
> worse than the 
> standard exhaust header in design and in quality.
> David Councill
> 67 BGT
> 72 B


Like any fabricated metal part, occasionally you will find a header that
isn't going to fit correctly.  The Peco headers on the whole seem to be a
pretty good bet.  I installed one on my 1980 and was amazed that it dropped
in without a problem.  I'm used to installing the 3 piece type sold by
Maniflow or Ansa.  I went with Peco as I intended to install an oxygen
sensor, and didn't want any leaks.  Using the header does make the whole
system work better than just bodging the muffler on the end, although I have
nothing against the stock manifold and head pipe, except some leaks and
frozen studs.

The exhaust does not come with any instructions, and it does take a bit of
juggling to figure out which bit goes where.  It will only fit one way, so
if you are patient and good at jigsaw puzzles you can figure it out.  The
hangers are fiddly, I gave up and made a custom rear hanger out of OE and
the supplied straps.  Chime in if anyone has been able to figure out the
supplied pieces.

I like the single rear box, as I've shredded more than my fair share of
center mufflers.  I have heard tales of the system being short lived and
prone to rust, which is possible as the muffler is at the back of the system
and will tend to stay cool/damp.

Hope this is helpful


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