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Subject: Re: Peco from Re: Brit-tek
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Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 19:23:40 -0500
I installed the Peco big bore system, from header
all the way back and including the rear box.
Extremely easy to fit with the engine in place.
Only the center pipe may confuse you as it can be fitted
both ends forward...only one way fits nearly perfectly.
Straighten that out and its a no brainer installation.

Four, no almost 5 years later and 35K+ miles it is still
holding up great.  The rear box is still red (orig Peco paint)
 I do believe though, that as stock as my BGT is
the Peco system is a bit large. (not enough backpressure)
(I feel the low end is lacking a bit)

Paul Tegler

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Subject: Peco from Re: Brit-tek

> First it was Brittek. Then when looking at their website, I checked out
> exhausts since that is likely my next acquisition for my 72B. I've been
> using the Monza or Ansa exhaust for many years. My son took my exhaust,
> previously welded into one unit, and put it on his car, leaving me with
> headpipe/intermediate pipe (65B) and a few other stock pieces.
> I looked at the Peco exhaust and Brittek does a good job pitching its ease
> of installation and fit. Then I checked the archives because I know the
> peco has been mentioned many times. A few questions remain - like, how
> is the header to install? Or would it work just as well to use my head
> and an adapter and exhaust manifold rather than their header? That way, I
> can still enjoy the excitement of those six flange bolts and ponder
> the exhaust gaskets go metal side up or down. If I don't go with the
> header, I'm saving almost half the cost. Last time I ordered a header
> (granted some generic brand), I sent it back because it was worse than the
> standard exhaust header in design and in quality.
> David Councill
> 67 BGT
> 72 B

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