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Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 21:45:54 -0500
I installed the Peco header and exhaust on my 1980 MGB last year, and while I 
was pretty confused from looking at the parts without any instructions, it was 
fairly straightforward to actually put the pipes together.  It was a tight 
squeeze getting the header in place without pulling the engine, but it 
eventually went in.

The system doesn't use clamps to connect the pipes, but I had read a magazine 
article that suggested using a special cement to make sure there are no leaks.  
The mechanic who replaced my sills said that it would be cheaper to use cement 
sold for chimney repair from Home Depot.  It came in a tube that fits into a 
caulk gun and did the job very well, although I'd recommend fitting all the 
pipes first to make sure that they are all where you want them to be before 
cementing them.

One of these days I plan to get a front muffler installed.  The exhaust is 
louder than I'd like, especially when trying to sneak in or out late at night 
without waking my family.  I had ordered a front muffler from Proper MG and 
waited about six months before finally learning that they were no longer being 
made (and each month I was told that it was on the next boat and should be 
arriving in a week).


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>>> How easy is the header to install? Or would it work just as well to use my 
>head pipe and an adapter and exhaust manifold rather than their header?

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