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RE: garage heater advice

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Subject: RE: garage heater advice
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Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2002 16:56:01 -0600

I have a 26' x 36' garage and use a Modine hanging natural gas 100,000
BTU heater. It does use a vent, but that was a piece of cake to install.
Although it's been 8 years since installation, I only paid $285
wholesale for the unit. I can keep the garage at any temperature I like
all winter long (in Minnesota) with only a nominal cost in gas. With
only a two-stall garage, you'll only need something between 40,000 and
50,000 BTU, but the extra BTU capability is never wasted as the furnace
cycles less often. Be sure to get a thermostat which will go down to the
lowest temperature you'll set. Most household thermostats only go down
to 50 degrees.

I'd be careful with vent free units if there is any combustion going on.
The exhaust gases have to go somewhere. Better not in your lungs. If it
is electric, you'll spend a fortune in electricity. Also best if you
insulate the walls and ceiling.

Lew Palmer

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Subject: garage heater advice

I'm remodelling my house and, among other things, using the opportunity
heat my garage to provide a better home for my MGA.
Any advice on the type of heater? I'm in Michigan so it gets cold, but I
don't have to warm it a balmy 65. Just a reasonable amount above
freezing --
say, 45+ degrees or so. It's a standard two-car garage, about 500 square
feet. I've looked at vent-free and radiant vent free. They're the most
affordable. Anybody out there have any experience with this sort of
All replies are greatly appreciated.

Orient red 58 MGA that deserves a nice warm spot

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