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RE: Mk I, Mk II dash

To: "'Jim Stuart'" <>,
Subject: RE: Mk I, Mk II dash
From: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2002 14:16:23 -0800
> All this goes to show that making the swap is not as simple 
> as it looks, but
> it can be done. Thanks to Kelvin for finding the last repro 
> swap console in
> Moss's warehouse to solve the console problem for me. Don't 
> bother asking,
> Moss has no more.

There you go telling all the secrets.  Actually I had a post half composed
to send to Don, but you beat me to it.  

Moss US does have 3 more of the steel dash late style consoles on the shelf.
#453-735  Factory BHH473   These look like the 1972-76 radio console, and
connect to the armrest assembly, but are cut to fit a steel dash.  

I think they were originally ordered in error years ago, but are great if
you have a 1968- car and want to convert to the early steel dash.


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