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Re: Mk I, Mk II dash

Subject: Re: Mk I, Mk II dash
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 2002 14:56:24 EST
In a message dated 09/12/02 11:21:07 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

> My TR250 gets 104 HP stock. The same car in the UK got 150 HP. Why would
> I want to keep it stock? What exactly is stock? What was the intent of
> the Triumph designers vs the US Goverment? I'm rebuilding the engine to
> get 150 HP maybe 160 HP. It sure isn't stock. I think I'm simply
> unleashing it's inner spirit. Letting it do what the Triumph designers
> intended it to do.   

Just be sure that while you are unleashing its inner spirit, you don't go 
overboard and end up freeing its inner lubricants, pistons, and what have 
you, to roll across the tarmac, freely and unhindered by the bonds of engine 
block and sump.......


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