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Re: Wheeeeeeee....

To: "MonteMorris" <>, "MG list" <>
Subject: Re: Wheeeeeeee....
From: Bob Shaw <>
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 2002 18:16:55 -0600
At 2:37 PM -0600 12/14/2002, MonteMorris wrote:
>It's a beautiful, sunny 54 degrees today here in NE Missouri. I just took the
>67 off the car dollies and we are going to "blow it out" with a three hour
>jaunt to a ball game. Wheeeeeeee.........................
>           79B, Carmine
>           67B, BRG
>           74 1/2 Rust, parts car

Similar here in Lincoln, NE. I did a similar thing with the A today. 
Tomorrow we rewire the garage.
Bob Shaw
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