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Re: Wheeeeeeee....

To: Eric <>,
Subject: Re: Wheeeeeeee....
From: Eugene Balinski <>
Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 22:50:40 -0400
   Well, we had a bonus day here in New England. The day was clear and in
the 40's. The torrential rains of the previous 2 days washed all of the salt
off the roads.  The surfaces were dry, so we put the top up, picked up some
fresh gas, and did about an hour around the local roads in the B.  The
"heater" even managed to keep our feet warm.  An MG dive in December in New
England.  Not too shabby.  After we put the car away,  we saw a white steele
bumber "B" in Framingham, Ma.   Anyone on the list ? 

Gene Balinski
80' B

>Arrghhhh 104 today and not really nice for a topless drive.  Arrived at 
>work a little "damp" and the little Primrose beast certainly warmed up 
>when she hit slow traffic when someone broke down in the morning peak 
>hour crush.
>Trust me, there is warm weather that is lovely for topdown cruising... 
>and then there is "just plain hot and sweaty"!

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