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Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2002 11:49:39 -0500
We paraded in the annual town Christmas parade last week in the roadster,
following the GT (which I had lent to club member whose B was under the
knife, as it were).  Yesterday took the roadster with top down 25 miles west
just up to the West-by-God-Virginia boarder to a Christmas tree farm to
tailgate all afternoon and cut the family tree.  On this only partly cloudy
day, the temp started out a do-able 50 degree F, but dropped precipitously
at the foot of the mountains by about 10 degrees - made for a cooool ride
the last few miles.  Naturally, with the sun down, the top came up for the
ride home - at the insistence of my six year old daughter (OK, so I wanted
it up, too).  The heater worked on the way out, but worked much better on
the way home ;-). The orchard's proprietor came up to congratulate me on
having made it up the muddy road to the barns.  It turns out he is an
Englishman who lived in Oxford in the sixties (attending university).  He
had fond memories of Morris, MG, etc. and waxed nostalgic about the good
ole' days. The tree came home atop the family Jeep, by the way.  Cheers and
Merry Christmas,  Dean

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