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Re: 72 BGT Carbs

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Subject: Re: 72 BGT Carbs
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Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 15:31:25 -0000
All other things being equal I'd go for the HSs.  Fewer bits and ports
inside to go wrong or get blocked, you can get at the float chamber in-situ,
you can confirm correct choke operation visibly, and it seems easier to set
HSs using the lifting pin than HIFs.  Also if you go to ported vacuum and
your carbs are the same as mine the HS port is on the top but the HIF on the
bottom.  The HIF arrangement results in fuel trickling down to the vacuum
cannister and rotting the diaphragm, at UKP35 a pop.

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Subject: 72 BGT Carbs

> Oh Wise Ones,
>        I have a 72 BGT.  I'm about to begin a motor rebuild and want to
> a fresh set of carbs to put on it when I get done.  I have 2 sets of
> in the car and the garage.  I also have 2 sets of HS4's in the garage.
> would be the carb of choice?  The HS4's for their simplicity or the HIF's
> the newer technology.  I have an MGA, so I'm intimately familiar with the
> and fairly familiar with the HS4, but the HIF's are new to me.  Which to
> rebuild?

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