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Re: 72 BGT Carbs

Subject: Re: 72 BGT Carbs
From: David Councill <>
Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 12:17:38 -0700
So far it looks like two votes for the HS4s. Normally I would agree for the 
same reasons - the simplicity of the HS4s. I'm not very familiar with the 
HIF4s and I like the separate float bowls of the HS carbs because its easy 
to take the lids off to see if the carbs are getting fuel to the floats 
(which can be an important trouble shooting method).

But the HIF4s have a few virtues. For one, they are technically the correct 
carbs for the year. And my limited experience with them showed they were a 
better cold weather starting carb. My son had a set on his 65 MGB with an 
18V engine and I was quite impressed how quickly the car started and ran at 
twenty below zero (F). Maybe it was a coincidence but my impression is that 
the carbs made the difference. On a related note, during my college days, I 
used to take the pistons out of my 65B carbs and put them in my 71BGT 
because those short, fixed needles gave me much better cold starting at 
temps below about ten above zero.

Well, anyway, if you live in an area with a real winter, you might want to 
consider the HIFs. But if you aren't an originality freak or if you don't 
drive in sub-zero temps, I think the HS4 is the way to go.

David Councill
67 BGT
72 B

At 01:31 PM 12/14/2002 -0500, wrote:
>Oh Wise Ones,
>        I have a 72 BGT.  I'm about to begin a motor rebuild and want to have
>a fresh set of carbs to put on it when I get done.  I have 2 sets of HIF4's
>in the car and the garage.  I also have 2 sets of HS4's in the garage.  Which
>would be the carb of choice?  The HS4's for their simplicity or the HIF's for
>the newer technology.  I have an MGA, so I'm intimately familiar with the H4
>and fairly familiar with the HS4, but the HIF's are new to me.  Which to

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