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72 BGT Carbs

Subject: 72 BGT Carbs
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 2002 13:31:52 EST
Oh Wise Ones,
       I have a 72 BGT.  I'm about to begin a motor rebuild and want to have 
a fresh set of carbs to put on it when I get done.  I have 2 sets of HIF4's 
in the car and the garage.  I also have 2 sets of HS4's in the garage.  Which 
would be the carb of choice?  The HS4's for their simplicity or the HIF's for 
the newer technology.  I have an MGA, so I'm intimately familiar with the H4 
and fairly familiar with the HS4, but the HIF's are new to me.  Which to 


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