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Fw: Need Help With Water Leak(s)

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Subject: Fw: Need Help With Water Leak(s)
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Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 14:42:19 -0400
 First place I'd check is the fresh air box forward of the windscreen. It's
 notorious for collecting water. It has a drain toward the right side
 (drivers view) and plugs up quite easily. Others areas would be the wiper
 post seals, washer jet seals and the windscreen seals.

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> Subject: Need Help With Water Leak(s)
>> All,
>> I have a '74 B.  Every time I drive through the rain or wash the car, I 
>> end
>> up with puddles in the middle of the rubber floor mats.  The driver's 
>> side
>> leaks worse.  On the driver's side, the water collects directly under the
>> pedals and it appears that the water is coming through the hole under the
>> pedal box.  But upon lifting the bonnet, there is never any water in the
>> vicinity of the pedal box.  Also, the bonnet seal is new (it only goes 
>> halfway
>> down each side).  There doesn't appear to be any water droplets in the 
>> engine
>> compartment even after driving through hard rain.  One final note, there 
>> is no
>> moisture at the heater air outlets.  If it was the windshield, where 
>> would the
>> water appear - back of the dash ?
>> Anyone seen this before and have a fix ??
>> Thanks,  Skip

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