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Re: Fw: Need Help With Water Leak(s)

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Subject: Re: Fw: Need Help With Water Leak(s)
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 15:21:33 EDT
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It has a  drain toward the right side
(drivers view) and plugs up quite easily.  Others areas would be the wiper
post seals, washer jet seals and the  windscreen seals.
Best way to access the drain tube is from under the car.  It ends in  an 
idiotic nipple affair that probably worked good--keep out the bad stuff while  
letting water drain--when the rubber was pliant, but we know how that  goes.  
Just above the nipple is a 30-degree bend--on mine, at least.   When I bought 
GT the owner couldn't figure out where the leak was coming  from.  After I 
bought the car I cleared it in his driveway before driving  home.  Good thing, 
too, as it was a 4-hour trip in heavy rain, sleet and  snow.  Ah, what we do 
these little dreams,
Jay Donoghue
72 B-GT
66 Mustang

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