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Re: What's the Diff?

Subject: Re: What's the Diff?
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 13:01:09 EDT
In a message dated 15/07/2005 9:50:26 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

Take a  look at illustration Ha.1 in the workshop manual.  That's the
bizzare  stretcher rig.  The Salisbury axles have deep holes in the
casting,  into which the bolt&nut you see in the middle of the beams fit. 
Looks  like a tool left over from the Inquisition, doesn't  it?


Looks like something from a gynecologist's tool  bag......;-)
Best NOT to use a case spreader. Too many diff  bearings have been assembled 
with excessive preload and wear out prematurely as  a result.
Lever them out with a wrench and screwdriver,  and tap them back in - if you 
even need to, as most have sufficient  clearance.

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