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Intake openings

Subject: Intake openings
From: Mike Torrusio <>
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 19:32:03 -0400
I found three openings on my intake manifold:
one a nipple about 1/4 inch which is welded shut;
one a large pipe about 1/2 inch or so, which I suspect would normally 
go to the emission canister by the right fender (which is non 
operative), and that is also pounded closed and welded shut;
another nipple of approximately 1/4 inch which has a rubber cap sitting 
over it.
Nothing else.
Could it be that my distributor hasn't had anything attached all this 
time and would it still run as well as it has?


Michael Torrusio, Jr.  1971 MGB

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