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Re: Intake openings

To: Mike Torrusio <>,
Subject: Re: Intake openings
From: Bob Shaw <>
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 21:26:51 -0500
At 7:32 PM -0400 7/22/05, Mike Torrusio wrote:
>Could it be that my distributor hasn't had anything attached all 
>this time and would it still run as well as it has?
>Michael Torrusio, Jr.  1971 MGB
It could. Back when vacuum advance units were hard to come by, a 
common solution to a bad vacuum advance servo was to tune the engine 
at higher revs, utilizing the mechanical advance in the distributor 
as the means of ignition compensation. It worked OK, but the vacuum 
advance in combination works better
Bob Shaw
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