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Re: Intake openings

To: Bob Shaw <>
Subject: Re: Intake openings
From: Simon Matthews <>
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 21:46:36 -0700
I think it depends on what year you have. Only the late models had
vacuum retard, I believe.

Other than that, the vacuum advance only advances the timing in
conditions OTHER than wide open throttle. So it does not affect peak
power, only fuel economy (and possibly driveability).


On 7/22/05, Bob Shaw <> wrote:
> It could. Back when vacuum advance units were hard to come by, a
> common solution to a bad vacuum advance servo was to tune the engine
> at higher revs, utilizing the mechanical advance in the distributor
> as the means of ignition compensation. It worked OK, but the vacuum
> advance in combination works better

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