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Subject: RE: New wiring
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Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2005 07:35:04 -0700
Sorry, I tossed the package with the number on it, but it is a standard
circuit breaker in a size just about the same as the original, but instead
of having spade connectors, it has screw/nut posts. The original was a 25
amp size, but I had to go to 30 amp since they didn't have a 25 amp in this
configuration. If you want, I can tac a picture of it and e-mail it to you.


But the best bet, and the most original, would be to get the circuit breaker
from Moss. It is shown on page 17, part number 131-545. The price is about
the same as the NAPA unit.


Howard Battan

'57 MGA

'79 MGB



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Sent: Monday, July 25, 2005 10:11 PM
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Thanks for the NAPA tip.  Do you have a part #?  I had trouble with my fans
once, traced it to that circuit breaker, but discovered it was just some
corrosion on the terminals.  Cleaning them up solved the problem.  You
should check all your other fuse connections too, while you're at it.


Good luck!

donny v

1978 MGB



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On the '79 MGB that I just bought, which is also pretty much original, the
little bracket held a 25 amp circuit breaker for the electric radiator fans.
In mine, it was 'dead' and I had to replace it with a similar, but not
identical, item from NAPA. It took me a while to figure out what it was,
since my manuals showed an in-line fuse at that position - no bracket, and
no circuit breaker.

Howard Battan
'57 MGA
'79 MGB

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