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RE: New wiring

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Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2005 17:07:05 -0700
My wiring diagrams show a fuse in that circuit, but in my '79 there was a 25
A circuit breaker that looks just like Moss #131-545.

Howard Battan
'57 MGA
'79 MGB

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I don't see any relays for the fans on my wiring diagram (78 & later).  I 
only see one for the ign switch and one for the starter solenoid.  The 
relays I've seen are round, whereas this bracket is rectangular.  It also 
angles whatever it holds up, which, as I understand, is bad practice for 
relays since it exposes them more to getting the terminals wet.

Larry Daniels
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My '79 doesn't have a bracket there but also doesn't have a relay for the
fans. Maybe that is what it is for?

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