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Re: New wiring

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Subject: Re: New wiring
From: "Eric J Russell" <>
Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2005 10:03:35 -0400
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> From: "Larry Daniels"

> I can't stall it off any longer -- I am starting the new wiring harnesses
> part of rebuilding the 79 MGB

> Helpful hints and words of encouragement/sympathy are all appreciated.
> Hopefully, I won't need to monopolize the list with too many dumb
> questions.

Take a few photos of the remnants of the old harness before you remove it.
It'll be helpful to be able to 'remember' which way the harness lies, which
hole certain wires pass through, etc.

Also, where is cyberspace are you located? It'd also help to have an
unmolested example parked nearby for an afternoon - again so you can see
where things are placed and to make sure your car has not been subject to
too many 'after-factory-modifications'.

Are you also replacing the dash/instrument harness? It is not very difficult
to remove the dashboard. The most difficult part was removing the center
vents to get at the bolts above them. Then you'll have the whole back of the
dash exposed for easy harness replacement. If you'd prefer not to do all
that, I'd suggest removing the speedo & tach. That'd give you a couple of
big holes to work through...

When you have everything connected a good way to safely test the system is
to temporarily jumper a fused wire between the battery and the positive
cable - i.e. don't connect the cable to the battery yet but put a short
length of wire with an in-line fuse between the cable and the battery post.
A 10 amp fuse should be OK for testing that things are not shorted
somewhere.  You should be able to check instruments, running lights, brake
lights, turn signals, ignition switch, etc. (headlights or the starter will
blow this fuse).

Eric Russell
STOC #2860
Mebane, NC

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