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Re: Off Topic: Subaru spark plug wires

To: Dave Wood <>
Subject: Re: Off Topic: Subaru spark plug wires
From: Paul Root <>
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 07:41:53 -0500
On Aug 13, 2006, at 6:29 PM, Dave Wood wrote:

> Paul,
> I agree with Peter.  I have one of those spark plug wrenches.  They  
> reach
> down like a pair of pliers with rubber tips and grab the wire at  
> the base to
> pull off.  It works pretty well.  I think the main reason for  
> having them is
> to prevent pulling the wires out of the spark plug end cap.

I'll look for those at Sears. I have to go there to get a 14MM allen  
socket to take out the core plug of the Subaru anyway. I'm putting in a
block heater.

But, I'm not sure I'd be able to get it in, since the thing is a  
boxer, the
plugs are in the side and there is not much space.

> While you're off topic, got any advice on cleaning out Kawasaki  
> carburetors.
> I picked up a 1978 KZ750 real cheap from a charity donation.  It's  
> in good
> shape but the plates were 2001 so I doubt that it has been ridden  
> for some
> time and gas has probably garped up the Mikuni carbs - one for each  
> of the
> two cylinders and definitely a tighter fit than my MG.  It runs but  
> gasps as
> soon as the choke is released.  The mufflers were plugged with  
> fiber glass
> and I cleaned that out as soon as I saw chunks firing out of one  
> side.  I
> thought some dead animal was being blown out.  After that it  
> started easily
> and idles fine but just won't rev up after the choke is off.  Even  
> though
> it's only a 1978, it's harder to get parts for than our favorite  
> LBC'S.
> I've pretty much determined that the fault lies with the  
> carburetors as
> everything else seems good - spark , timing and new plugs.

Probably a lot of varnish, like you think. Have you tried Seafoam? Or  
some spray carb cleaner.

Something that does work well is the stuff that Lawrie recommends in the
carb video. What's that called again? It comes in a gallon can and has
a parts basket built in.

> Dave 72 B
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> From: "Paul Root" <>
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> Sent: Sunday, August 13, 2006 1:59 PM
> Subject: Off Topic: Subaru spark plug wires
> Sorry for the OT question.
> I resently got a Subaru OBS '99. And I've been trying to catch up
> on maintenance on the thing. It's got 74k miles and I don't think
> the plugs were ever changed.
> I can't get the plug wires off! I'm pulling very hard. They are
> the type that have 2-3 inches of rubber going down into the head.
> I think the rubber has melted a bit and are stuck in there really
> good.
> Any hints on getting them out? Remember as a Subaru, we have a
> boxer engine, there is about 2 inches of access around the outside
> of heads.
> I'm about to take it into the shop. How embarrassing.
> Paul.

Paul Root

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