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RE: OD-Transmission

To: "Ray Wygonik" <>, "mgs" <>
Subject: RE: OD-Transmission
From: "Gosling, Richard" <>
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 14:07:18 +0100
An O/D light should be fairly straightforward to install, and could be
useful if "less MG experienced" drivers are to use the car.  I wouldn't
say it's needed (otherwise MG would have put one in there in the first
place), and while others have done this I don't think it's that common.

Yes, if the O/D is left switched on, then it will go straight to 3rd O/D
as soon as you change up from 2nd to 3rd (or rather you'll get 3rd for
about 1 sec due to the slight time-delay when O/D is engaged).  Having
driven MGs and Triumphs with O/D for most of the last 9 years I still
get caught out by this occasionally, but it won't do any real harm.

On that subject, you'd have to decide how to wire your light - take your
supply for the light from before the inhibitor switch and it'll tell you
the switch is on, even if you are in 1st or 2nd (or reverse) so the O/D
itself is off.  OR take the supply after the inhibitor switch, so the
light tells you that the O/D actually is (or should be) on.

Or I guess you could do both, or include a relay to a buzzer that buzzes
the inattentive driver that they've left O/D on when changing down to
2nd.  Or some combination of all three...

Richard & Sammy ('73 Black Tulip BGT)

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