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oil pressure

To: <>
Subject: oil pressure
From: "DON SCOTT" <>
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 08:59:46 -0700
My old '62 MGA has been resting for two years in my garage, and I
finally got the nerve up to try getting it going again.  Well, two new
batteries, a new starter, a cleaned engine ground, cleaned and gapped
points and the engine fires up fine.  Small problem- no oil pressure! 
Anyone ever have such a thing happen to them?  When the car was put
away, it was running fine; no oil pressure issues.

The engine is a stock 1622 Mk II.  It has an MGB filter adapator with a
replaceable canister filter that hangs down.  It's got plenty of oil,
and the filter is full as I had to remove it to put on the new starter. 

Don Scott
1962 MGA
1991 Miata BRG
1992 Integra GSR

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