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Re: Distributor/Ignition Question

To: "Paul Hunt" <>,
Subject: Re: Distributor/Ignition Question
From: "Frenken, Eric" <>
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2006 12:30:13 +0200
Hi Paul,

I fully agree with what you are saying, BUT do you really think that the 'man
on the Clapham omnibus' goes to that extent and disassembles and assembles
several times his/her dizzy to tweak the springs (not to speak about the money
a rolling road costs per hour as you already pointed out)? AND, which system
do you think will keep the correct curve within the next years. Springs will
continually change their tension.

After all I think it's better to get close to a good curve and know that it
stays there than knowing nothing about the curve in one's dizzy. This applies
to the average LBC driver, racers may have another opinion on that.


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Von: Paul Hunt []
Gesendet: Freitag, 18. August 2006 10:51
An: Frenken, Eric; MG Mail List
Betreff: Re: Distributor/Ignition Question

Well, it's easy to switch between the 16 different curves with the 123, but
there is nothing to say that any of them will have the optimum curve for
your engine on today's fuels.  While some will almost certainly work better
than others, all of them are the original curves designed for use with
leaded fuel in the case of most UK and fairly early North American cars, and
to achieve the emissions standards on later North American cars.  It will be
much easier to obtain an ideal curve (once you have determined what that is
by spending much time and money on a rolling road) by tweaking springs and
weights than trying to get a new ROM or whatever for the 123.


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