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Subject: Re: MGC
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2006 21:25:42 EST
An MGC is potentially a excellent car. All cars are built to a compromise  
and the C suffered more than most. Shoestring budgets and the Leyland merger  
killed the C first and the B second.
 Proper tires and suspension tuning can improve handling greatly over  the 
OEM setup. They suffer from restricted intake and exhaust systems. The  vacuum 
boosters on the brakes are troublesome and expensive. Some parts  will be 
difficult and expensive to procure. Cars with auto transmissions do not  do 
well in 
Florida heat. There have been a number of articles in "Classic &  Sports Car" 
describing the modest enhancements used to overcome the  weaknesses.
They are more touring than sports car. Cars with overdrive are superb on  the 
highway; they were built to be a high speed motorway cruiser and do so very  
well. I looked at a very nice example six years ago; I still wish that I had  
bought it.
I like them very much.

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