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Subject: re: MGC
Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2006 18:56:17 EST
re: Subject: Re: MGC

To All:
I am considering buying a MGC. What  is the opinion of the group
regarding the
handling and drivability of  these cars? What do you think of this model?

Randy Kegg
I own two MGCs, a 1968 4spd and a 1969 automatic, both tourers.  I've  driven 
the '69 to the East Coast, the West Coast, Texas, and to Florida...they  are 
a GREAT road car. Long legs and comfortable to drive. I've not had the  chance 
to drive the '68 much yet....
Parts are not as scarce as one would be lead to believe and maintenance is  
similar to that of the MGB.
I say go for it.
rick ingram
MGC 3950
MGC 6165

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