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Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2006 10:10:24 -0500
Hi all,

Having lived with a guy with MGC's who had a best friend with MGC's, I've 
worked on a few.  I don't like them.

Everything part in a C that's different from the B part wears prematurely. 
To put that massive (600lbs) engine in a B, the front suspension and brakes 
had to change.  The dual remote servos don't last.  Last I heard, a rebuild 
kit cost $100 and a rebuild lasts 3 months.  New servos cost $300 each and 
last one year.  The Volvo P1800 ES has the same servo setup and they may fit 
and last longer.  I've never tried this upgrade because I've never owned a 

The steering rack is different to make room for the longer engine and these 
racks wear out in way too few miles.  I've never worked on a C with more 
than 50K miles on it and they've all had worn out racks.  Years ago, they 
were no longer available.

Many people believe that the C engine is an Austin Healey 3000 engine but 
it's not.  The Healey engine has 5 main bearings and the C engine has 7.  I 
believe that the engine is unique to the C.  For some reason, the rings are 
tougher than the block.  I have never seen a C that didn't burn oil.  And 
when the engine needs its first rebuild, it will need sleeves.

I wouldn't own a C for love nor money and I don't plan to work on one for 
either ever again.  Even with that huge engine, a C is no quicker off the 
line than a B and it doesn't handle as well.  It just has a higher top 
end--120 vs. 100--but where in the US are you going to drive old British 
iron 120 MPH safely?  I wouldn't drive my B 100MPH.  The C was developed to 
be a Porsche beater in SCCA racing and in every race I've heard of, the C 
was out in front of the Porsche until it broke.  When they were being raced 
by the factory, I don't believe an MGC ever finished a race.  Save your 
money and buy a cheap and cheerful B.

My opinion.

Denise Thorpe

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To All:
I am considering buying a MGC. What is the opinion of the group
regarding the
handling and drivability of these cars? What do you think of this model?

Randy Kegg

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