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Clutch lining smells after highway travel - 62 MGA

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Subject: Clutch lining smells after highway travel - 62 MGA
From: "Pat Harris - \"sammler\"" <>
Date: Mon, 04 Dec 2006 17:27:23 -0500
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I can drive it all day (well, I don't go on rides that long) and the 
clutch has no indication of slipping or "smelling".  If I drive for 20 
-30 minutes at a relatively constant 60-65mph I can smell something like 
hot  brake/clutch lining.  If I "pop the clutch" there is slippage.  If 
I slow down (around 50mph) for 10-15 minutes the smell goes away and the 
clutch does not seem to slip.  Great - no problem - just don't go fast ;-)

I do plan to replace all the parts in the clutch when I "have to" but 
I'd rather delay that task.

I'm just curious - do these symptoms tend to point to any specific 

Oh, yes.  The release bearing is noisy when the pedal is depressed all 
the way to the floor but it is not noisy if I allow the pedal to move an 
inch or so upward.  At the "quiet" position of the pedal shifting is 
effortless/quiet so I don't usually depress the pedal fully. :-)

I've had the car since May - there was no record of the PO (7 years) 
having any clutch problems/work.


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